Why Choose Ethical?

Why does the ethical and sustainable production model used by DariQus Ltd beat the traditional approach?

Our Process is the future of sustainable Caviar Production


Our ethical and sustainable process beats the traditional approach hands-down. Here’s why.

We firmly believe that our UK-based ethical and sustainable Caviar production process, named “Nature’s Way”, outshines traditional Caviar production methods for two crucial reasons.  

The main reason for us – and for all potential Producers aligned to our way of thinking – is that our method avoids killing the magnificent and seriously endangered Sturgeon fish in the Caviar production process. 

The second is purely commercial. Put simply, a longer lifespan for the fish equals a much greater yield potential per Sturgeon.

Let us demonstrate…

Amazing – I can’t speak highly enough of it.

Phil Corrie

Head Chef, 1863 Bar & Bistro, Ullswater

Figures are based on a realistic projection of ethical production output.

  • We maintain that our ethically and sustainably produced Caviar is a superior product to traditionally-farmed Caviar because our fish are more mature and thereby produce larger and better quality eggs.
  • Even in a poor year, using our “Nature’s Way” our 600 female Sturgeons alone have the potential to generate:
    • Upwards of £900k annually in retail sales; and
    • Over £13 million during our stock’s estimated 15-year reproductive life cycle.
  • At present, we are the only Company in the world with the fish and the process to produce our Caviar without killing or harming the Sturgeon. For perspective, to match our production level of even a worst-case yield of only 0.5 kg per fish over 15 years (7.5kg in total), the traditional producer might have to kill up to 10 Sturgeon – or indeed more if their yield per fish falls below 0.8 kg/year.

To match our more likely yield of 1.5 kg per fish over that same time period (22.5 kg in total), the traditional producer might well have to kill up to 28 of this threatened species.

Plus, Caviar produced ethically and sustainably can command a price per kg which is up to 500% higher than traditionally slaughtered product – therefore, for the latter to generate the same level of revenue, they will have to kill even more fish.

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