Set up an Ethical, Sustainable Caviar Facility

We're looking for like-minded Producers who want to set up and operate their own Ethical & Sustainable Caviar Facility. Is that you? We'll use the expertise we've gained over the past 8 years of championing this World-Leading Patented Process to guide you every step of the way.

What makes our “Nature’s Way” Programme so special?

Our Process is the future of sustainable Caviar production.

No-one else is able to produce the quality of Caviar we can, ethically.

Caviar connoisseurs look for that famous pop from the egg as it dissolves on the tongue. Simply put, without access to our process, Caviar which is produced without killing or harming the Sturgeon must be pasteurised or the eggs lose their structure.

Neither method results in a product that is of a quality acceptable to the traditional Caviar market. The heat used in pasteurisation hard-boils the egg’s contents and creates an exterior shell which is far harder than normal. Conversely, without heat treating the eggs, the loss of shell structure results in a consistency which is more like a paste or spread.

Our Process produces a top-quality, clean and pure Caviar which rivals anything produced non-ethically.

With our unprecedented story, and an ethos which has Conservation at its heart, we have understandably received incredible interest from the media – and in turn huge interest from potential Producers who want their own ethical and sustainable Caviar faclity.

Our mission is to provide the necessary education, training and support to Caviar Producers to enable them to operate under our Gold Standard “Nature’s Way” Programme, whether they are new to the Industry or own an existing Facility.

Amazing – I can’t speak highly enough of it.

Phil Corrie

Head Chef, 1863 Bar & Bistro, Ullswater

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we qualified to advise you?

We have more than 30 years’ experience in the aquatic industry, a global network of contacts and 8 years’ completely unique, hands-on experience of implementing the process of producing Caviar from living Sturgeon, establishing and running an Ethical & Sustainable Caviar Facility and promoting the finished product.

There is currently no-one else in the World able to match our expertise in this field.

How do I set up an Ethical & Sustainable Caviar Facility with DariQus Ltd?
After you register your interest with us, we will assess your application and hold an initial consultation with you (see below) in which we will talk you through all requirements and answer your queries. If both Parties decide to go ahead, we will conduct a Site Plan assessment (see below) and provide comprehensive help and support to you on the best way to proceed to set up or make the necessary changes to your Facility.

We then make a formal application for a license from the Patent Licensees on your behalf.

Once accepted, we help and advise you throughout the process as you set up your Facility, and provide ongoing support and guidance thereafter.

What happens in Stage One: The Initial Consultation?
We begin with an Initial Consultation.

An informal chat that can be held over the phone or via Skype, we will first make sure that there is common ground and that our aspirations are aligned.

If so, it is our mission to do our level best to help you to progress and succeed with our Patented “Nature’s Way” Process.

At this stage, as well as talking about your situation and resources, we will explain in detail the many benefits to you from joining our Programme, including how a worldwide patent protects the method and how only a limited number of licenses are being released within specific territories over a controlled period of time.

The final step in this Consultation stage is the signing of an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). After this, we move on to do a Site Plan Assessment.

What happens in Stage Two: The Site Plan Assessment?
The next stage is a Site Plan Assessment. We have inspected many Sites over the last five years, as well as having tried many different designs on our own Facility, so we are able to speak with some authority and experience!

We’ve used our experience to create a preferred, tried and tested blueprint to put to the Planning Authorities and Finance Houses. Using this as a base, we will highlight potential pitfalls of your Site Plan and provide impartial advice to help you progress to the next step.

Once the Site Plan Assessment is successfully concluded, we will apply for your Licence from the Patent Licensees.

What happens in Stage Three: The License Application?
The last stage of the Application Process is the License Application. We will make a formal application for your licence to operate from the Patent Licensees on your behalf.

The licence will allow your Facility to produce Caviar exclusively within a pre-agreed Territory, and to open up markets from which to sell your Product globally.

Upon receipt of approval, the new Facility will pay the one-off License Fee of $10,000.

Why is the health of the Sturgeon always of paramount importance?
The suggestions we make and advice we give will always put the health and safety of the Sturgeon first – because your business simply won’t succeed without healthy fish.

We want them to live long, productive lives at your Facility before being released to conservation areas when their production naturally drops.

What does it cost to join the "Nature's Way" Programme?

Outside of the UK

To become a Partner in the “Nature’s Way” Programme, you will pay a one-off Licence Fee of $10,000 and DariQus Ltd will take a 20% equity stake in your Facility.

Once your production is up and running, you will be charged a quarterly Royalty/ Administration Charge which will be calculated on your production levels for the previous period. This is explained in full in our Royalty & Administration Agreements.

Within the UK

These farms consist of an area inside a small shed or barn which will house one Tank and the filtration equipment for 250 small sturgeon, which costs the farmer £12k. He looks after the fish until they become mature about 7 years.

KC then turn up with the Caviar production kit in 2 lorries and extract the caviar, pack it into jars and pay the farmer £2000 for each Kg packed. Predictably £120k each year.

When might I expect to see a return from Ethical & Sustainable Caviar Production?

Our first Facility in the “Nature’s Way” Programme turned in a net profit less than 2 years after starting Ethical & Sustainable Caviar production.

Husbandry and your Facility

Our method is rooted in Husbandry, and the welfare of the fish must be the primary concern at all times to ensure successful production, so we will fully explain the pitfalls of taking shortcuts and skimping on the equipment.

The quality, texture and taste of your Caviar will depend wholly on the level of care you give to the fish – from water quality to food – as well as having the most stringent attention to detail in the Caviar production process.

To produce excellent quality Caviar, your Sturgeon must be happy, healthy and unstressed, with a team on hand 24/7.

Our fish enjoy a 5* luxury environment, with differing water temperatures, changing salinity, variable lighting between production times and a great relationship with our committed staff.

Ongoing Support & Training

We are always just a phone call away to assist with every aspect of your Ethical Caviar  journey.

We provide a full training package based on our first-hand experience – not copied from textbooks!

We can also provide on-site assistance at a moment’s notice, offering a wide range of professional services designed to help new facilities in the “Nature’s Way” programme move into profit as fast as possible.

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