Invest in DariQus

DariQus Ltd is a Private Limited Company with offices in London and Leeds. Having created the GOLD STANDARD in ethical and sustainable Caviar production, we are now heavily promoting our Programme, seeking Partners around the globe.

Our Offer ticks all the Investment Boxes

Our Process is the future of sustainable Sturgeon Farming.

We are now raising capital, offering equity to Private Investors, VCs and/or CrowdFunding.

The funds raised will be used to secure equity stakes in 5 new Ethical Caviar Farms, which will be operated under licence from DariQus Ltd.

Our existing financials clearly demonstrate the profit that can be made from one small Ethical Caviar Farm operating under our “Nature’s Way” Programme.

We plan to open 5 large Farms over the next 18 months.

The potential for sales from these Farms is circa $100m by 2025.

Amazing – I can’t speak highly enough of it.

Phil Corrie

Head Chef, 1863 Bar & Bistro, Ullswater

The Offer

We are offering 25% equity to Investors for £625,000, based on the sale of 250,000 shares at £2.50 each.

The capital invested will be used to take equity stakes in our new Farms.

Our Offer ticks all the investment boxes. Find out more today.

Call John Addey on 07523 044404 or 01748 517112, or click below to request a Prospectus.

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