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with Conservation at its Heart

Our Story

We’re the World Leaders in Cruelty-Free Caviar Production

We’re leading an ethical revolution in an Industry sorely in need of disruption.

It’s no secret that the Caviar Industry is lucrative – so much so that the Sturgeon has been fished to the brink of extinction. Production is the future, yet ethical issues surround traditional methods.

Using a patented process which is licensed exclusively to us in the UK, Ireland and Brazil, we operate the only facilities in the World producing top quality Caviar in a wholly ethical, sustainable and cruelty-free way.

We have barely scratched the surface of the huge potential available to us.

You’re invited to join us on our Journey.

We have created the GOLD STANDARD in ethical and sustainable Caviar Production.

Our “Nature’s Way” Programme drags traditional practices into the 21st Century with its cruelty-free method. We produce excellent Caviar without harming the mother fish, allowing her to continue producing eggs for many years before being released into conservation waters.

And this is revolutionary – not just ethically, but also in operational and cost terms.

We operate in a growing luxury market where demand consistently exceeds production. Unlike our competitors, our Stocks don’t need frequent replenishment. Our method is tried, tested and financially proven. A hugely successful Partnership with Aldi saw our Caviar stocked in 750 UK stores over the Christmas period, and our orders stretch far into the future.

Most importantly, our Caviar is of the highest quality, endorsed by Michelin Star Chefs across the UK.

Set up a Caviar Facility.

Drive the Revolution

We have created a new GOLD STANDARD┬áin ethical and sustainable global Caviar production through our “Nature’s Way” programme.

We’re looking for like-minded Producers who want to set up their own Ethical Caviar Facility, and will guide them through every step required to operate under this World-Leading Patented Process.


Sustainability is incredibly important, but even more it is that KC Caviar is a brilliant and delicious product.

Tommy Banks

Chef/ Owner at Michelin Starred Restaurant, The Black Swan, Oldstead

Hands down the best Caviar I have ever tasted, and what a story!

Kieran Smith

Head Chef, The Box Tree Restaurant, Ilkley

This is best Caviar I have ever tasted. Going down really well with the customers.

Andrew Pern

Chef/ Owner at Michelin Starred Restaurant, The Star Inn, Helmsley

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